Wednesday, December 29, 2021

 Confirmation # 12  

The California Yom Kippur Book Signs

A series of number signs, with key events attached to them, began to compile surrounding my book, California Yom Kippur, it’s production, review, publishing and mailing of it.

The “ironic” day of the first release of the book was May 11, 2021. From that day on 5/11, is 511 days to October 5th, in 2022, the date in the Yom Kippur dream. In other words, 511 days to go from 5/11/21, God even syncing up the release of my book on that pin point day as a sign.

This first release of my California Yom Kippur book, on 5/11/21, is exactly 70 weeks to 9/12/22. With a host of other 9/12/22 signs in the other confirmations in sign #14, that’s quite a set of numerical synchronicities. 70 is a special prophetically biblical significant number.

The time of the 2nd release of my book, in September, the end of that review, was at 11:11 am on 9/25/21. 
    On October 4th, I’m finalizing a California earthquake video and at the end of that, I hope in my van to go do a first mailing of my book. The time reads 11:11 am. So at the juncture of the end of the Earthquake video and to go do my first mail out of my book, it's 11:11 am. Here is a pic I snapped of my GPS at the time when I hopped in my van seat to do the mail out.

These key events just happen to wind up being at 11:11, or 11+11= 22 to spell it out. For over a decade, God has been telling me 2022 thru this 11:11 number at key events related to the mega quake.

I had other signs surrounding events of the book, but did not record them. I had enough. In the midst of my busyness at the time, I didn’t keep track, but as it is, some of the numerical synchronicities listed, surrounding this book, are quite the stir for me. The Holy Spirit moves us, lives in us and has his being in us, to show us signs! Praise God!